Thursday, July 2, 2015

In the Name of Isis Myrionymos - An Offertory Rite

Roman Isis

This rite is one I have been using, in one form or another, for a few years and is one that is built, structurally and conceptually, upon that which is found in Jason Miller's (Inominandom's) writings in both his The Sorcerer's Secrets Book and Strategic Sorcery Course. Taking inspiration from the above works, I have, as any magician worth their salt is wont to do, reworked the rite so that it is in more direct alignment my personal spiritual/magickal practice and paradigm.

This rite is presented, not as a piece of reconstructed ancient praxis, but as the work of a practicing magician and mystic dedicated to the Goddess Isis. The theology underlying this rite is that of theistic monism/panentheism though a practitioner with a more hard-polytheistic theology can use this rite in a henotheistic theological framework just as easily.

The gods are bigger than our traditions, theologies and cosmologies, so allow yourself to experience the rite and draw your own conclusions via your own gnosis.

This rite is both an offering to Isis as well as an offering to all spirits both benign and malevolent, allies and enemies, in Her name. In my experience, making offerings in a great god's name, or even self-identifying as a god (directly as in when one assumes a godform or via implication within the language of a rite) grants the magician great spiritual authority and cools the wrath of angry spirits who, though ill-disposed to the magician, respect the authority of dominion of the deity in question.

What you will need for the rite:

1 Pillar or other tall, long-burning candle (6"-9" or larger is best). The candle should be white, sky-blue, emerald, or turquoise. I prefer white because this candle represents both the Goddess Isis as separate, sovereign Goddess as well as Isis as immanent Ground of Being and Self of the magician/priest(ess).

Carve the following symbols on the candle:

The symbolism is multivalent for each of these images, but, for the purposes of this rite, their meaning is in the captions below. While carving the image, concentrate on the meaning of the symbol in question. Note on the symbol of Sirius/Sopdet below. Feel free to carve only the 5-pointed star image of Sirius/Sopdet alone if the full hieroglyph is too unwieldy.

Ankh - Symbol of eternal life, spiritual authority, and protection
Throne of Isis - Symbol of Isis as Ground of Being

Sirius/Sopdet - Sacred star of Goddess Isis

Heka - Symbol of magickal power

Anoint the candle with an altar oil containing oils and scents (at least largely) sacred  to Isis such as lotus, balsam, amber oil, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, myrrh, and sweet orange. Abramelin oil is an all-around good choice.

Place the candle centrally on the altar Place any and all offerings to be made between yourself and the central candle as altar space allows.


Begin by creating Sacred Space in the manner in which you are most familiar/comfortable.
Calm yourself via rhythmic breath, meditative focus, or self-hypnotic/trance process. Consider that you are entering into a "space between", a liminal space between the worlds so as to commune with gods and spirits.

Contemplate for a moment, your sacred space as a timeless/eternal moment, the "Zep Tepi" or "First Time/Occasion", if you will, the very moment of Creation/Being Itself.

Invocation of Isis

O Great Isis, Nutjeret Weret, thou who art Mother of the Gods, Sovereign of the Elements, Foundation of the the Created Order, First Born Daughter of The Timeless Void, Lady of the Sky, the Earth, the Underworld, the Water, the Mountains, and the Nun, I beseech thee to heed my invocation.

O Isis Myrionymos, Beautiful in All Thy Names,

I call Thee with the breath of my body,

I call Thee with the beat of my heart,

I call Thee with the pulse of my life,

I call Thee with the words of my mouth,

I call Thee with the thoughts of my mind.

I call Thee Power and Life and Creation.1

I call upon thee...

Isis Panthea (Isis as All-Goddess....Her aspect as All in All, the Alpha and the Omega)

Isis Nepherses
 (Isis of the Beautiful Throne...Her aspect as foundation of Creation, Immanent Divinity)

Isis Melaenis
  (Isis the Dark One....cthonic/underworld aspect)

Isis Psychopompos
 (Isis the Guide of Souls...underworld/liminal aspect)

Isis Phosphoros
 (Isis the Light Bringer....liminal/solar aspect)

Isis Pansotera
  (Isis the Savior of aspect)

Isis Pantokrator 
(Isis the Goddess of All Things/All Ruling... Isis as Sovereign Divinity)


Light the candle specifically consecrated to Goddess Isis saying aloud  7 times either in the original Latin or in English (once for each of the sacred directions North, East, South, West, Above, Below, and Within and the Seven Classical Planets):

Unaquae es omniaDea Isis

“Being One, Thou art all, Goddess Isis.” 
(English translation from the Latin)

Draw an ankh with the index finger of your dominant hand over the candle flame, saying:

Isis Panthea, unto you All-Mother, Beloved One, Divine Self do I make all offerings and in thy name do I offer unto others these gifts. Great Mother, smile upon this rite and bless all who choose to attend.

(Allow yourself to feel gratitude)

Purification of Offerings
(To be done with each offering)

Place hands in the shape of the Triangle of Manifestation with palms directly over the offering.

Say the following (while imagining, utilizing as many senses as possible, the elemental power flowing over and cleansing the offering):

By Earth, the Body of Isis (visualize a great mountain range...involve any senses you can...all impurities are crushed and transformed under the immensity of Earth)

By Air, the Breath of Isis (visualize strong breezes blowing the leaves of trees....involve any senses you can...all impurities are blown/borne away by Air)

By Water, Her Flowing Blood (visualize a wave tossed ocean or perhaps a river...involve any senses you can....all impurities are washed away by Water)

By Fire, Her Everlasting Spirit (visualize a conflagration....involve any senses you can...all impurities are burned away)

The Invitation

Ave (Hail or Greetings) Angelos! Ave Daemones! Ave Daimones!
Come! Come!

Ave Perfected and Timeless Ones!
Come! Come!

Ave Ancient, Holy, and Shining Ones!
Come Come!

Ave Elysian Powers and Duat's Hosts!
Come! Come!

Ave Tutulary Spirits, Friends, Guardians and Guides!
Come! Come!

Ave Salamanders and Spirits of Flame!
Come! Come!

Ave Sylphs and Spirits of Air!
Come! Come!

Ave Undines and Spirits of Water!
Come! Come!

Ave Gnomes and Spirits of Earth!
Come! Come!

Ave Spirits of Place and Sleepers Within the Land!
Come! Come!

Ave Restless Spectres and Unquiet Dead!
Come! Come!

Ave Eidolons of Ill Will, Wrathful Spirits, Gods, and Hungry Ghosts!
Come! Come!

Ave! Ave! Come and be welcome! Be Seated at the table set forth for you in the name of Isis Panthea, Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, and in her name partake of these offerings, allowing them to become that which is your heart's desire.

May these offerings cause there to be continued amity between myself and those spirits who are friend, guide, guard and ally unto me. May those spirits tasked with doing my will, either as boon gift or in the spirit of reciprocity, make haste manifesting that which I desire.

May these offerings cause peace to flourish between myself and those spirits, gods, and wights from whom, through my carelessness, ignorance or laziness I have earned enmity or wrath. May their hearts be softened toward me and may their be understanding between us.

Ave! Ave! Welcome guests! Partake of this bounty, eat thy fill and be sated.

In the spirit of hospitality do I forgive all debts and ask that my debts be forgiven me.

Making the Offering

If you are offering incense, light it at this time. Nag Champa and Song of India's "Indian Temple Incense" make fine offerings for this rite, but feel free to choose according to your own desires and experience.

Place your hands, cupped over your offering(s) in the following gesture. Say the following while visualizing the essence of the offerings arising into your cupped hands and then overflowing from your upturned palms (I generally see this as a vaporous silvery-white mist):

May these offerings, multiplied infinitely by the power of Aether... arise to the Celestial Heavens (see the essence of the offering((s) rise into the sky, filling it).

May these offerings pervade
 this Earthy Sphere, the land, sea, and sky (see the essence of the offering(s) filling the material world).

May these offerings descend into the Cthonic Deeps of the Underworld
(see the essence of the offering(s) descending beneath your feet deep into the earth).

May this (these) offering(s) be transformed into that which is most pleasing to all who deign to share in this bounty.

After speaking these words, take each offering and lift it up, presenting it in a sense, to the entire space in a sunward (clockwise) direction either walking the circumference of your sacred space or, if space is limited, pivoting from direction to direction.

Say in a joyful and generous spirit:

Ave! Ave! Partake! Partake all ye gods, daimons, daemons, land-wights, elementals, and shades.

(open the pylons of the heavens)
Visualize the heavens opening up over your head, all the heavenly realms open to you.

(open the pylons of the earth)
Visualize the earth opening up beneath your feet, all of the Underworld opens to you.

(rejoice with me all the powers) 2

Enjoy! Enjoy and take your fill!
(Allow yourself to feel gratitude and try to sense the gratitude of those in attendance.)


Honored guests at my table, the time of our communion is at an end. Take your fill and leave in peace.

Wait the span of a few breaths.

Ave atque vale! (I salute you...and goodbye) This rite is done. 

Allies, guides, guards, and friends may this (these) shared gift(s) strengthen the bonds of respect, alliance, and trust between us. 
Ave atque vale! This rite is done.

Honored guests who have come in wrath, fear, or mistrust be at peace. May trust, respect and understanding bloom between us.

Ave atque vale! This rite is done.

Return unto your abodes with my gratitude ye wanderers, ye shades, ye ancient and shining ones. Go with my blessing which I offer in the name of...

Isis Panthea, She who is All in All

Isis Psychopompus, Goddess of the Threshold and Guide of Souls

and Isis Pantokrator, All-Sovereign Mother

Be blessed! Be Blessed!
Ave atque vale!
This rite is done.
So mote it be! (...just because I prefer this closing. Choose another phrasing if preferred)

Snuff or blow-out the candle as appropriate for your path/tradition. 

Now that the rite has concluded, feel free to sit in meditation in the space, being open to all experience and awareness. 

1 Borrowed directly from Isis Magic by Isidora Forrest
2 Borrowed directly from the Strategic Sorcery Course by Jason Miller